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Lifeless set to receive a huge update this month

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Rigid soft studio today opened the lid plan released August 29 a massive new content update ready to welcome death as a wave of new features in V0.7. Fans do not have long to wait for a huge new interior changes include new skills, new skill tree system, a lot of new weapons, new enemy types, VS faction faction PvP elements, a lot of lists.

For some of the following upcoming update checks highlights:

A new zombie types will be introduced, howling. A new list of skills and abilities will force players, they encounter new and unique special zombie dynamic adaptation.
Exciting new PvP event: airdrop. Distributed randomly throughout the game world will fall from the sky boxes. Unlike other games will compete for their factions and faction rewards are given wide benefits winner.
No more unlimited as a new melee weapon durability system already in place, along the new way to repair damaged weapons being used again.
Overhaul of the user interface for the players to provide more information and a streamlined way to provide important details.
Changes will also be a variety of lighting technology to improve image quality and stability.
Host deadly new weapons
Various changes and modifications in the economic game
Much more

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Ill-Gotten Gains Update Part II Arrives For Grand Theft Auto Online Players

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Following the successful release of Ill-Gotten Gains Update Part 1, Rockstar Games today announced the final installment of this update series as the Grand Theft Auto Online community welcomes the release of Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2. The update is now available across all 5 platforms, introducing the finer things in life as new vehicles, clothing, weapons and accessories make an appearance.

The update, 1.28, also includes other improvements and enhancements to the game. Among the more popular aspects of the update are the updates to the creative elements of the game that will now allow the community to create new jobs at the Los Santos International Airport and Fort Zancudo Military Base. There’s also been improvements to loading times for in-game leaderboard screens, although it doesn’t appear to help those that still find themselves stuck in cloud simulator.

For a full list of contents and fixes in the latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online, check out the official patch notes.


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