Gold Seaside is a new theme dungeon

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Dark drakes, ice drakes, red drakes, drakes, and copper drakes are all gradually growing in level and expertise. You’ll need MapleStory mesos and find also half a dozen distinct maps to pick from, offering you plenty of variety. The Kerning Square theme dungeon begins at degree forty, but it is possible to go there at any stage from the subway beneath Kerning.

The questline has become up to date and now will involve much less hunting and drop collecting for very similar practical experience. The quests are precious, and also the monsters make excellent training on your method to 50. CDs on the major used for being the top map in MapleStory Europe, however they are actually changed to spawn on two platforms, slowing education slightly.

Gold Seaside is a new theme dungeon that could be reached with the pilot Irvin at the 6 path crossway. He will fly you to Gold Richie’s beach resort, exactly where you might be conscripted as hired support. Quests alternate between killing enemies and acquiring drops, plus they all give decent knowledge and you can buy MapleStory mesos to level up quickly. Kerning Square on its personal won’t probable degree you to 50, so that you can finish the two theme dungeons for the duration of your ten-level span.