Penalties for Repeated Kill Raid Bosses in WOW 6.2 Hellfire Citadel

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How do you usually farm wow gold for cheap in World of Warcraft? Do daily quests to collect one by one, or repeated killing bosses again and again? Of course the latter is more effective than the former. But for Blizzard, any forms of exploitation and gold farming threaten the game and should be punished. Here is the newest rule for multiple kills to raid bosses.

Each character can only kill one boss 5 times at most in one difficulty.

With the release of World of Warcraft patch 6.2, Hellfire Citadel is also available for all wow players with the confirmed timetable. It’s time to earn huge amount of cheap and fast wow gold in raid. But since few players abused of the in-game raid mechanics to cast multiple kills for raid bosses in order to make tons of the fastest wow gold so that the fairness in the game is broken. And the excessive exploitation for the in-game resources also ruins WOW.

Out of the above reasons, Blizzard has announced that every week (before the next reset for raid difficulty), each one character can only kill each boss of each difficulty, including Normal and Heroic difficulties, at most 5 times.

Anyone against the rule will be punished with account suspension or ban

Rules are always with penalties. From now on, the devs will monitor the boss kills. Any character against the rule will be punished as below:

The first time the character behaviors against the rule, it will get a 24-hour account suspension;

The second time is a 72-hour account suspension;

And the second time will be a permanent account ban.

It is strict to limit players to farm gold by killing one raid boss again and again. So everyone should take care when farming wow cheap gold on Hellfire Citadel. if you are in need of safe and cheap wow gold, you can purchase wow gold on Safewow safely.