Why It’s Impossible for Blizzard to Add New Class or Race in WOW

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World of Warcraft has run over 10 years. It seems a tradition to add a new race or class with new WOW expansions, like 8 races and 9 classes in 50s, and 13 races and 11 classes in MOP. But strangely, there is no new race or classes added in Warlords of Draenor. What happened?

Demand for new class in wow

Compared with races, wow players pay more attention to classes, because except for appearance and few unique race-based talents, there is nothing different among races. Over the past ten years, players have experienced the game with different classes and different wow mounts. Although it is not much of a perfect, they know clearly how to do it. So, more and more players call for a new wow class.

It is impossible to add a new class in WOW Draenor

In spite of that, it is a doom for level 100 version to never have a new race or class. Here are some reasons.
1. Brand new skills for a new class should be a challenge for Blizzard. The current wow classes all have over 30 skills for each so that it is hard for the devs to conceive a brand new set of skills for a new class.
2. The current class balances in wow are easy to be ruined. Don’t you forget how hard Blizzard balanced Death Knight and Monks before?
3. Huge changes have taken place in WOW Warlords of Draenor, like skills decrease and stats tweaks, so that Blizzard will be more careful to add something new in this game. After all, players need time to digest all of those adjustments. Besides, new fortress and toys also give great fun to game play.