Runescape Weekly Patch Notes

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When you are enjoying your adventures in RS Gold Road Trip, the RS team are still working hard to improve your gameplay environment and bringing you the worth-playing game content. They have implemented so many fixes and tweaks for all of you rs players.

For the game graphical, Sloane now wears the correct skillcape during the While Guthix Sleeps quest. It is no longer possible to cosmetically override the falcon given by Matthias. A minor stretching issue on Verac’s helm has been fixed.

For your skills and D&D Minigames, fletching arrow shafts from maple logs now state the correct level needed. Players can now fill empty plant pots with soil at the Prifddinas crystal tree patch. Aquarium perks will now work correctly with fishing auras and scrimshaws.

The Featherless fishing perk now works in Dungeoneering. Players can now use raw great white sharks on the tackle box from fish flingers, but on longer fletch while balancing on a serenity post. Thok will now show the correct lifepoints during Fremennik Sagas. The previously selected crew member will now be unselected when rerolling crew for hire in Player-owned Ports.

Characters involved in the Curse of Zaros miniquest now only appear in the correct location for the player’s randomised path, rather than appearing in all possible locations and speaking gibberish in the incorrect ones. The Prifddinas achievement “Sharks are good for the elf” now completes when using the deposit-inventory button in the bank deposit box interface.

Others, the Aegis Aura has had its damage absorption increased to 80,000. The Ancestor Spirit aura has had its activation chance and damage increased. The Berserker aura now lasts for an increased amount of time with a lower defence reduction.

Can you feel the difference when you are playing Runescape? Many other gameplay have been adjusted. Get stuck in the events.