Gear System, Healer, CC & Burst Need Fix in World of Warcraft PvP

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How many years have you joined in wow pvp? What need to be improved in world of warcraft pvp, do you think? Are there any problems about CC& Burst? Are you satisfied with the gear system? Check the following issues and see what else need to be adjusted as well.
Main problems in wow PvP:

1. CC & Burst. Some people claimed that 9/10 fights come down to this issue. And what player can do is just to sit there and watch character die. There is nothing you can do.
2. Healers are gold-like, and players need take several people to kill one.
3. Gear. Following CC &Burst, the gear grind should be the next headache thing. It is frustrating that most people who are trying out PvP for the first time cannot find their gear afterwards. It is helpless to not be able to contribute. And players can only buy cheap wow gear from online sites.

Solutions for the above issues

1. CC & Burst need to be toned down. PvP should be about reacting to the opponent, not making their presence on the battlefield trivial. So please make more about reacting to opponents’ moves instead of just ignoring them all together.
2. Healers need to be fighting a losing battle. Maybe it sounds weird, but that’s the way it should be. Similarly in Heroes of the Storm, a healer cannot neither be able to keep all the health bars and nor stop death. They merely slow it down.
3. Gear should be cosmetic in PvP and ranked. For example, provided you join a battle for warsong gulch and your experience bar is replaced with a rank bar that fills up with points like honor points, you can use these points to purchase toys, wow mounts, crafting stuff, etc.