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Skyforge Beta Download Shows up

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Since Skyforge is leaving Alpha to enter into its first Closed Beta as of recently. Wow!

For those players who have a good luck to enter the Closed Beta of Skyforge’s, the Beta client is now available for download in preparation for when the servers come online tomorrow at 7 A.M. PDT, running until March 18th 2 A.M. PDT. Players could check in order to see whether they have been accepted into this week’s Beta test by checking their emails, or alternatively, checking their profile page on the internet for the Silver Beta badge. Then they had head over to the Closed Beta page to download the client ready for.

“As our first CBT event, everyone invited to participate in this test will have the opportunity to explore the world of Aelion, unravel a fiendish plot against its citizens and rise to become a great immortal, all while providing the development team with meaningful feedback & suggestions needed to help shape Skyforge’s bright future.” as the official site says that.

Players are able to play on either North American or European servers. Although it’s sad that these are split, players can decide between them beforehand. Gamers are still keep in mind that since it is a beta test, certain Skyforge content and features will be limited and the developers would like players to give their comment on this game.

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Penalties for Repeated Kill Raid Bosses in WOW 6.2 Hellfire Citadel

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How do you usually farm wow gold for cheap in World of Warcraft? Do daily quests to collect one by one, or repeated killing bosses again and again? Of course the latter is more effective than the former. But for Blizzard, any forms of exploitation and gold farming threaten the game and should be punished. Here is the newest rule for multiple kills to raid bosses.

Each character can only kill one boss 5 times at most in one difficulty.

With the release of World of Warcraft patch 6.2, Hellfire Citadel is also available for all wow players with the confirmed timetable. It’s time to earn huge amount of cheap and fast wow gold in raid. But since few players abused of the in-game raid mechanics to cast multiple kills for raid bosses in order to make tons of the fastest wow gold so that the fairness in the game is broken. And the excessive exploitation for the in-game resources also ruins WOW.

Out of the above reasons, Blizzard has announced that every week (before the next reset for raid difficulty), each one character can only kill each boss of each difficulty, including Normal and Heroic difficulties, at most 5 times.

Anyone against the rule will be punished with account suspension or ban

Rules are always with penalties. From now on, the devs will monitor the boss kills. Any character against the rule will be punished as below:

The first time the character behaviors against the rule, it will get a 24-hour account suspension;

The second time is a 72-hour account suspension;

And the second time will be a permanent account ban.

It is strict to limit players to farm gold by killing one raid boss again and again. So everyone should take care when farming wow cheap gold on Hellfire Citadel. if you are in need of safe and cheap wow gold, you can purchase wow gold on Safewow safely.

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Why It’s Impossible for Blizzard to Add New Class or Race in WOW

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World of Warcraft has run over 10 years. It seems a tradition to add a new race or class with new WOW expansions, like 8 races and 9 classes in 50s, and 13 races and 11 classes in MOP. But strangely, there is no new race or classes added in Warlords of Draenor. What happened?

Demand for new class in wow

Compared with races, wow players pay more attention to classes, because except for appearance and few unique race-based talents, there is nothing different among races. Over the past ten years, players have experienced the game with different classes and different wow mounts. Although it is not much of a perfect, they know clearly how to do it. So, more and more players call for a new wow class.

It is impossible to add a new class in WOW Draenor

In spite of that, it is a doom for level 100 version to never have a new race or class. Here are some reasons.
1. Brand new skills for a new class should be a challenge for Blizzard. The current wow classes all have over 30 skills for each so that it is hard for the devs to conceive a brand new set of skills for a new class.
2. The current class balances in wow are easy to be ruined. Don’t you forget how hard Blizzard balanced Death Knight and Monks before?
3. Huge changes have taken place in WOW Warlords of Draenor, like skills decrease and stats tweaks, so that Blizzard will be more careful to add something new in this game. After all, players need time to digest all of those adjustments. Besides, new fortress and toys also give great fun to game play.

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Gold Buy WOW to Enjoy New Toys and Powermonger Races on Darkmoon

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Summer break is coming already, and Blizzard has launched Darkmoon Faire for one week, which features Powermonger race and upgraded rewards for players. Have you been there to meet challenges? As usual, you can buy eu wow gold cheap on Wowtoes if you need in battle.
Two new achievements and two new toys
1. Big Powermonger: Gold: after completing the Real Big Race with Powermonger within 20 tolls, you will be rewarded a Darkmoon Cannon, which can shoot you out and let you fly for a minute.
2. Powermonger: Gold: after completing the Real Race with Powermonger within 11 tolls, you will be rewarded a Gaze of the Darkmoon toy, which can put a Darkmoon Faire marker over someone’s head.

Four abilities for Powermonger mount
Jump To Powerup: Jumps to a powerup and grants immunity to hazards for 4 sec.
Battery: Stores the next powerup gained within 4 sec for use later.
Overwrite: Changes a nearby powerup into your stored powerup.
Summon Aggrobots: Summons robot minions to taunt nearby MiniZeps.

Darkmoon Faire rewards: Heirlooms
Certainly, people win in Darkmoon Faire will be granted rewards, and Heirlooms are never forgotten. Since wow 6.1 release, some changes have taken place in heirlooms. Currently, heirlooms are all account-wide. Moreover, players can be able to buy new items to upgrade heirlooms from previous expansions, instead of spending Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Brand new Darkmoon Faire is in full swing in World of Warcraft. Come to Darkmoon Island to enjoy a fantastic adventure now! Before it is closed on June 14, take enough cheap wow gold us to take into battle.

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