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Runescape Weekly Patch Notes

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When you are enjoying your adventures in RS Gold Road Trip, the RS team are still working hard to improve your gameplay environment and bringing you the worth-playing game content. They have implemented so many fixes and tweaks for all of you rs players.

For the game graphical, Sloane now wears the correct skillcape during the While Guthix Sleeps quest. It is no longer possible to cosmetically override the falcon given by Matthias. A minor stretching issue on Verac’s helm has been fixed.

For your skills and D&D Minigames, fletching arrow shafts from maple logs now state the correct level needed. Players can now fill empty plant pots with soil at the Prifddinas crystal tree patch. Aquarium perks will now work correctly with fishing auras and scrimshaws.

The Featherless fishing perk now works in Dungeoneering. Players can now use raw great white sharks on the tackle box from fish flingers, but on longer fletch while balancing on a serenity post. Thok will now show the correct lifepoints during Fremennik Sagas. The previously selected crew member will now be unselected when rerolling crew for hire in Player-owned Ports.

Characters involved in the Curse of Zaros miniquest now only appear in the correct location for the player’s randomised path, rather than appearing in all possible locations and speaking gibberish in the incorrect ones. The Prifddinas achievement “Sharks are good for the elf” now completes when using the deposit-inventory button in the bank deposit box interface.

Others, the Aegis Aura has had its damage absorption increased to 80,000. The Ancestor Spirit aura has had its activation chance and damage increased. The Berserker aura now lasts for an increased amount of time with a lower defence reduction.

Can you feel the difference when you are playing Runescape? Many other gameplay have been adjusted. Get stuck in the events.

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Families That Raid Together Stay Together in WOW I on ZYY

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It may shock you to apprentice that, according to some studies, role-playing amateur such as World of Warcraft Gold —which Joshua Rivera advised at breadth in an EW longform—can accept a abrogating appulse on marriages. But, the studies note, that’s about if abandoned one accomplice is accomplishing the playing. In cases if both spouses log on, gaming can accomplish the accord stronger. Data aggregate in a 2012 Brigham Young University abstraction adumbrated that 76% of gaming couples feel that their RPG time is a absolute force in their relationship. The analysis aswell appropriate that interacting in-game added a couple’s achievement with their marriage. Little surprise, then, that relationships like these are consistently afire by the game.

Laura was in a declining alliance if she started talking to new guildmate Brett, and as her annulment loomed she begin herself more axis to him for support. “He was there for me,” she says. “He was candied and would accept to me ache about my alliance falling apart.”

After two years of bold they were in anniversary other’s associate zone, Laura acquaint a photo of herself in the guild’s forum. “I was agape by how admirable she was,” Brett says, “and I already admired her personality.” So he formed the dice.

“We were raiding one night,” Laura recalls, “and al of a sudden he said, ‘You know, I’ve had a drove on you for a continued time.’ Again I died in-game, and he told everybody, ‘I dead her if I accepted my love.’”

They started Skyping, and anon after, Brett flew from Louisiana to Kentucky to accommodated her. Four years afterwards Laura gave bearing to their daughter, and they affiliated in August of that year. Both abide beholden for the bold bringing them together.

“It’s not any altered from affair on, except that you already accept a accepted interest,” Laura says. Adds Brett, “At aboriginal I anticipation she was just traveling to be addition guildie. Again I abandoned aggregate for her.” Eight years later, they’re still in that aforementioned guild.

It was the association surrounding WoW, not the bold itself, that brought Bells and Zuu calm in 2013. A associate helped hotlink them up on Twitter, area they’re both acutely active, and alternate follows gave way to approved conversations. “We batten via Twitter, email, phone, text, and Skype over a aeon of a few months afore meeting,” says Bells. “Our accord confused slower than my own grandparents’, which I acquisition amusing. They met and were affiliated aural months aback in the 1950s.”

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The Women around the Green Skin Orc Hero – WOW Thrall

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In Thrall’s life, she is the first beautiful woman he met. She keeps Thrall as her little brother all the time. If without her help, Thrall could not escape from Durnholde prison. Unfortunately,she was kill by Blackmore in the end. Then the angered Thrall killed Blackmore for revenge.


The players often guess the relationship between Thrall and Jaina. Thrall has helped Jaina a lot. When Jaina went to Kalimdor first time, she was ranged to reside in Theramore. In the later, they had met for many times. Although the explosion of Sierra made them produce estrangement, Jaina was still admire him.


Thrall had a long time for busying. Eventually, he met his lover in Nagrand. From CTM version, Agna has always been a regulare in the task. She loves Thrall so much. She helped Thrall and saved Thrall. Now she brought two sons for him. What’s more, from CTM version, they almost inseparable.


The Deathwing returned and the land completely changed. There were groans among the elements. The relationship of Dragon realms were broken up. At that moment, the green dragon queen Iser found Thrall and ask him for a help. Thrall had not let her down. He helped her defeat the five-color dragon. From then on, the green dragon queen has host for his wow gold.


In the reckoning, the twilight dragon launched an offensive to Long Main temple. The red dragon queen mistook her husband Korlalstrasz betrayal her and loss his mind. In the critical moment, Thrall saved her. Thrall told her that her husband died for saving their dragon eggs by illusion. He was a hero, not a betrayal. The red dragon queen was particularly grateful to Thrall for his timely help. If she had not got help from Thrall, she would have waited for death. At that moment, she threw herself into his arms.

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Guild Wars 2’s First Expansion Heart of Thorns Announced

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Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has announced Heart of Thorns, the first expansion pack for the MMO.

The expansion will let players explore the Heart of Maguuma, a brand new jungle area. The Heart of Maguuma is made up of three distinct biomes, and ArenaNet says it’s one of the largest areas it ever built.

Guild Wars 2 game director Colin Johanson announced the news at the company’s “Guild Wars 2: Beyond the Point of No Return” panel at PAX South.

The expansion will add the Mastery system, an endgame, account-based PvP progression system. Players will earn mastery points as they explore the map, complete missions, and other activities, which they’ll be able to spend them on abilities available across characters for your PVP account. For example, players will be able to buy the hand gliding ability, and improve it to reach hard to reach locations.

Johanson also introduces Specializations, which will give existing classes access to new skills and weapons, the new Revenant profession, a new World vs. World Borderland map, and the competitive PvP Stronghold mode, where players fight for control of supplies, recruit troops, and attack the enemy stronghold.

Players in the audience were especially excited to hear about the addition of Guild Halls, a space for your guild to meet, progress your Guild Hall, and organize for guild missions.

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